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The Definition of House music

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House music to me is more than a type of music, it’s an idea, an attitude, a lifestyle. There are many different types of House music but yet they still share one common trait, and that is a love for the music and respect for each-other. It’s that four on the floor with a clap and hi-hat that keeps them coming back. It makes you want to get up out of your seat, it’s funkiness guiding you to the dance floor. When the DJ’s doing it right he can make the entire crowd ¬†fall in love with the music. House music has the ability to bring on emotions and can even give you the chills. Whether it’s Juke or Jackin, Electro or Future, the music unite’s us, it elevates our minds. If you haven’t tried it yet i highly recommend it, I myself like a dose of Tech and Future at least once a week. It has no limits it has no boundaries and because of this House music is still alive and thriving today.

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